Learn how & where you can LIVE, VACATION, and RETIRE without owning a car! Best of all, you can start doing this TODAY!! Car Free America wants you to see how people are living Car Free TODAY in the U.S. !! Steve Atlas is the primary contributor for the site. He is a writer and editor focusing on ways to reduce car dependency. He has two websites on the subject: CarFreeAmerica.ORG for tips about where to live or vacation without a car; and his e-book site: CarFreeAmerica.COM offers his e-book: "Car Free at the Beach" spotlights beaches throughout the U.S. that you can enjoy without needing to drive. You can E-mail Steve at steveatlas45@yahoo.com. You can also Follow Steve on Twitter Each of the Categories have reports on various areas that are living and operating Car Free. WHERE TO LIVE Without Owning a Car: Here you will find reports about Communities and Neighborhoods where car-free living is possible and happening today. Residents can walk to stores, shops, and even recreational areas. Most important, these are places where you can walk to a transit stop - and use public transportation 7 days a week!! WHERE TO VACATION Without Using a Car: You don't need a car to enjoy a great vacation. We will show you National Parks, Beaches, &, Mountains, as well as Historical, Train, Boat, and Bus Trips where you never have to drive!! WHERE TO RETIRE Without Owning a Car: Retirement should be a time of lower costs and less stress. Too many retirees spend an excess amount of money on cars - until they can no longer drive. Imagine the money you can save on gas, car insurance, repairs, and general maintenance!! We will show you communities where you can walk and/or take public transportation almost anywhere you want to go! Communities designed with you in mind! There are communities that have "on-demand" vans or buses that will pick you up at your door and take where you need to go AND bring you back home!! RESOURCES: We will also be collecting a list of alternative resources for you such as BIKING Communities - ride a bike to / from work and other areas! Walking Communities - where you can walk almost anywhere you need to go! and other alternative communities for you to evaluate and consider! YOUR STORIES: Finally, we'd like to hear your stories and thoughts about living Car Free in America. You can email your stories of living carfree to: Car Free America Webmaster